Accordion of Kindness

Wondrous Item – Rare


Invented by one of the weirdest bards in the multiverse, any performance check made using the Accordion of Kindness receives a +3 bonus.


Additionally, while you hold the Accordion of Kindness, no creature within 100 feet can swear. If they do, the word comes out as one that sounds similar, but is not intentionally offensive.


Once per day, the Accordion of Kindness can be played as an action in such a bodacious manner that it may charm any susceptible creatures within a 30-foot radius. Any creature that does not succeed on a wisdom saving throw versus a performance check made by the player of the Accordion of Kindness is charmed.


A charmed creature has no desire to fight or hurt anyone unless that person attacks them first. The charm lasts as long as the Accordion of Kindness is played.

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