Amulet of Rubber to Glue

Wondrous Item – Legendary (requires attunement)


I doth be rubber, thou art glue. Thine magic bounceth off me, and sticketh to thou!” Once per long rest as a reaction, if a spell would target only you (not an area of effect spell) you can attempt to reverse it back to the original caster. When this happens, make a competing ability check against the caster using your spell attack bonuses. If you fail, nothing happens. If you’re successful, the spell returns to the caster as though they cast it on themselves. You instantly learn how the spell works and if they were attempting a concentration spell, you can choose to concentrate on it to keep the spell active.

Additionally, the amulet contains 6 charges which are regained after every long rest. You can expend 1 or more charges to cast any of the following spells: Absorb Elements (1 charge), Shield (1 charge), Counterspell (3 charges), Protection from Energy (3 charges), Antilife Shell (5 charges).

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