Belt of Bedazzlement

Wondrous Item – Very Rare

A belt covered in colorful, sparkly, and ever-so-fashionable rhinestones. As an action, the wearer of the Belt of Bedazzlement may remove a rhinestone and apply it to the armor or clothing of a creature, granting them certain magical effects for one hour, after which the rhinestone disappears. Only one rhinestone may be active on a creature at a time. When the Belt of Bedazzlement is first acquired, roll to determine how many rhinestones are present:

(3d10) Red – Fire resistance.

(3d10) Blue – Cold resistance.

(3d10) Green – Poison resistance, immune to the poisoned condition.

(2d10) Purple – Advantage on saving throws against being frightened.

(2d10) Yellow – Additional 2d10 temporary hit points.

(2d10) Black – Necrotic resistance.

When all the rhinestones have been removed, the Belt of Bedazzlement becomes a normal, sad and unfun belt, devoid of shimmeriness.

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