Book of Goosebumping

Wondrous Item – Rare

Within the pages of this tome there live a flustercluck of terrifying visages. Once per day as an action, the Book of Goosebumping can be opened, casting the spell Fear in a 30-foot cone emanating from the book. As illusory giant claws, glowing eyes, and ventriloquist dummies spring forth, each creature in range must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or drop whatever it’s holding and become frightened.

Frightened creatures must use the dash action to move away from the Book of Goosebumping. Creatures can repeat the saving throw when they can’t see the horrors of the book, ending the effect on a successful save. The user of the book does not need to maintain concentration and the spell remains for one minute or until the book is closed. The Book of Goosebumping was named after its creators, the most evil creatures in the universe: geese.

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