Boots of The High Ground

Wondrous Item – Very Rare


You: “It’s over, I have the high ground!”

Them: “…Nuh uh.”

You: “Bro, if you try to attack me I will cut off three of your limbs.”

[Exactly that happens]

Them: *Shocked Owlbear Face*


In addition to granting advantage on checks to leap over dangerous terrain, the Boots of The High Ground are a powerful way to turn combat in your favor. Once per day, you can say “It’s over, I have the high ground!” as a bonus action. When this happens, the ground underneath you rises a few feet for one minute and your performance is impeccable.


While on the high ground, you gain advantage against any creatures you attack with a melee weapon. Additionally, when a creature moves within five feet of you, you can use a reaction to make a single melee attack against them. Once a minute passes or you step off the high ground, it resumes its normal form. For years, onlookers will want to see more of you and your adventures.

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