Bracelet of Friendship

Wondrous Item – Very Rare


This relies on the most powerful magic of them all…no, not love ya dingus! Evocation! When two creatures on the same plane of existence wear matching Bracelets of Friendship, they can speak to each other up to 1,000 feet away. To activate, simply touch the bracelet and speak aloud. Your voice will appear telepathically in the head of anyone wearing a matching bracelet…and yes, it does sound echoey if you’re in the same room as them.


New Bracelets of Friendship can be added to the rest by weaving 100 gold worth of Phase Spider butt rope into each bracelet you desire to connect. The Bracelet of Friendship tightens uncomfortably (enough to wake from sleep) for one minute if a creature wearing this bracelet falls to 0 hit points, even if they’re beyond 1,000 feet and on a different plane of existence.

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