Bracers of Jelly 

Wondrous Item – Legendary (requires attunement)


The finely crafted Bracers of Jelly incorporate the magics of Jellies, Oozes, and Slimes. While attuned, you are resistant to acid damage and every long rest you may choose two of the following colors / quirks to activate:


Pink | Amorphous – Your body and any equipment you hold can freely become formless and move through spaces as narrow as 1-inch wide without any movement penalty.

Orange | Corrosion – Any nonmagical metal weapons that hit you are destroyed after dealing damage. As an action, you can dissolve up to a cubic foot of nonmagical metal by touching it.

Yellow | Spider Climb – You can freely walk along all surfaces, including walls and upside down on ceilings at your normal speed.

Green | Split – If you would drop to 0 hit points, a slime copy instantly takes your place and you are teleported to a point of your choosing within 50 feet, with half the hit points you had remaining. This can happen once per long rest.

Blue | Transparent – While standing still you are invisible. All Stealth checks are made at advantage.

Purple | Engulf – As an action, you can make a competing Strength (Athletics) check against one creature medium-sized or smaller, engulfing them on a success. While engulfed they take 6d6 acid damage at the top of every turn, they have full cover, and they are restrained until they use an action to attempt another competing Strength (Athletics) check. While engulfing a creature, your movement speed is halved.

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