Brick of Torture

Wondrous Item – Rare

You gulp as you pass rooms of torture equipment. You wonder what horrors they’ll bestow upon you…the iron maiden? The breaking wheel? The gruesome fire thingy?! Barefoot, you’re placed in a room, alone. Have they decided to be merciful? You step forward and feel a pain shoot through your body. Several small, colorful bricks stick out from your feet. Alas, they have given you the cruelest punishment of all.


Now deemed too horrible for even the wickedest of torturers, a Brick of Torture has survived from the dark ages and become an instrumental part of every assassin’s toolkit. Placing the Brick of Torture on the ground, any creature who steps over it must make a dexterity saving throw of 15 or step on it.

Any creature who steps on the brick takes 1d8 piercing damage and must curse as loud as they are able. What constitutes “cursing” is relative to the creature. Oddly, this Brick of Torture additionally seems to make all those who step on it yell, “I thought I told you to clean these things up!?” even if this has never been formally requested. After dealing damage, the Brick of Torture becomes invisible for one minute.

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