Chalice of Cool Aid

Wondrous Item – Rare


As an action, holding the Chalice of Cool Aid and speaking the mystical phrase “Oh no” conjures forth a medium-sized Glass Golem that bursts through a nonmagical barrier (such as a wall, door, floor, or ceiling) of your choosing within 30 feet. To conjure the Glass Golem, there must be at least five feet of space on the opposite side of the barrier, and it can be no more than 2 feet thick.

The Glass Golem swirls with a deep primordial fluid and yells “Oh yeah!” as it bursts through. It has stats similar to a Flesh Golem, but just a single hit point and an AC of 10 (it takes no damage from bursting through a barrier). The Glass Golem remains for up to ten minutes, obeying your commands until it dies. The Chalice of Cool Aid contains 1d6+1 uses and changes colors after every use.

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