Cloak of Denim

Wondrous Item – Rare


The Cloak of Denim was crafted by a powerful subsect of craft-focused Genies called the Djeanni. The creator of this cloak, Junco the Acid-Washed, sought to imbue the wearer with such incredible jeanetics that they would never find themselves slackin’. While wearing the Cloak of Denim, you know the cantrip Mending and can instantly create colorful stitches to sew clothing back together.

An unlimited amount of sturdy denim thread can be pulled from the cloak by the wearer. The thread can hold up to 200 pounds, however it disappears 24 hours after being cut. Additionally, once per long rest you can cast Seeming, but you can only change the appearance of clothing or armor and the new illusion must appear to be made of denim.

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