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Q: Can I use your silly items in my campaign?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Does Canada have states?

A: I don’t know, I don’t live in Canada and I’m not cultured.

Q: Can I alter the silly items?

A: Yes! You can and should alter items to fit your campaign. I’m not at your table (statistically-speaking) and you should always do what’s in the best interest of your campaign.

Q: How is Canada divided?

A: I…this is really a question better suited for Google. Please stop asking me.

Q: Can you clarify the rules on an item?

A: Back when D&D was first getting started, people use to find Gary Gygax’s number in the phonebook and ask him to clarify rules. He would ask what they thought it meant and then say their interpretation was correct. In this spirit, whatever decisions you come to about an item are correct. (But every item is posted on Reddit and the community has a wealth of knowledge).

Q: Canada has states?

A: THIS ISN’T GOOGLE!!! Look, I just checked and they have ten provinces and three territories. Please stop messaging me about Canada!

Q: People are reposting the things you’ve made as their own! Ah!

A: Stuff happens. If someone needs that to feel good about themselves then it’s no sweat off my back, but if you feel like commenting with a link to my website I’d appreciate it. Anyone who would like to repost things I’ve made is welcome to, as long as they give credit!