Egg of Seeking

Wondrous Item – Rare


“What an eggscellent and eggsquisite artifact, we can’t eggnore or eggscuse its ability to eggsecute. Indeed we must eggspress that we are eggstatic at its eggsplosive eggspertise, though we are egghausted. How eggciting to see something so eggstravagant, it’s eggceptional…”

“Captain…wha…what was that? Did you plan that? Is this why you were an hour late to the crime scene?! People were murdered!”



When you break an Egg of Seeking, it reveals the location of any purposefully hidden objects, entrances, containers, persons, and the like within 100 feet for one minute. When this happens, that which is purposefully hidden is enveloped in the illusion of a brightly-colored egg. The hunter of such should then easily be able to poach the location(s) of what is hidden as long as it resides on the same plane of existence.

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