Figurine of Transformation

Wondrous Item – Rare


What appears to be an ordinary doll–sorry, action figure, is actually a Figurine of Transformation in disguise! Once per long rest, you can utter one of five command words and the figurine will transform over the course of 30 seconds. This form lasts for one hour, until it’s dismissed by you as an action, or until it’s destroyed. It then reverts back to the original figurine form.


Cart – A cart drawn by a mechanical horse. Carries up to 800 pounds.

Boat – A rowboat with oars. Carries up to 800 pounds.

House – A 10-foot cube weatherproof dwelling with doors and windows.

Cage – A lockable prison of metal bars that can fit a medium-sized creature.

Waffle – A giant table of waffle-making equipment, food not included.

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