Flying Carpet of Cartography

Wondrous Item – Very Rare


Yeah, sure, it’s a flying carpet, but y’know what’s cooler than that? Maps! The Flying Carpet of Cartography is a 6 by 9 foot rug that can hold about a dozen children (800 lbs) and obeys the spoken commands of any rider. It flies at a speed of 30 feet, or 60 feet if the weight is half capacity or below.


Imprinted on the carpet is the map of a city in simplistic cartoon fashion. While flying, a rider can utter the command word of their choice (by default it’s “Cheese”) and the carpet will capture an image of what’s below it. It will then instantly change its appearance to reflect the terrain below. The Flying Carpet of Cartography can store up to three of these images at a time, cycling through them at the will of the rider.

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