Frame of Freezing

Wondrous Item – Rare


“Time out!” You yell directly into the Frame of Freezing, which oddly hovers in place. Suddenly the entire chamber full of skeletons stop moving as you monologue, eyes fixed on the frame. “Dude, what a predicament! All we wanted was to rescue the prince and now we’re facing a demon overlord? If we don’t find a way out of this, we’re toast! Time in!” You yell as your sword decapitates the demon overlord.


Once a device used to capture triumphant battle victories, often with the winner iconically raising their fist into the air, the Frame of Freezing was adapted by masterful tinkerers to make it appear as though time has stopped. In reality, all the creatures that can be seen through this frame (half of a room from your position) are paralyzed for one turn unless they succeed on a wisdom saving throw of 18.


Using the Frame of Freezing is a bonus action and the item is activated when you yell “time out”. For the rest of your turn, you can move and take an action, however you must monologue about the situation while staring at the Frame of Freezing. At the end of your turn, you must say “time in” at which point movement resumes and the Frame of Freezing drops to the ground. It cannot be used until the next day.


The Frame of Freezing does not work on any target that possesses a Bell of Saving.


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