Glove of The Turkey

Wondrous Item – Rare


You turn left down an alleyway, dead end. As the guards close in you slip on the Glove of The Turkey and trace around the edge of it with your free hand. Seconds later, the guards round the corner and spot you…with a turkey. Gobble?


The Glove of The Turkey has one use per day and the familiar lasts for one hour, until its five hit points are reduced, or until you snap your fingers. When you create the turkey, roll a performance check. A natural 20 makes the turkey appear lifelike. But a natural one? Anyone who looks upon this poorly deformed abomination will see more resemblance to a hand than a bird.


Whether through majesty or pity, the turkey gives you advantage on charisma checks if you are trying to be pardoned. The turkey familiar obeys your commands unless they would directly cause its demise. While it’s technically a spirit, those with the ability to eat souls will find the turkey’s essence delicious, especially with the spirit of some cranberry sauce.

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