Idol of Beanie Beary

Wondrous Item – Artifact


Ne’er did I think I’d see the day when a dragon sat not upon a horde of gold or bones or brimstone, but of…small bean-filled plushies?


The 8 Beanie Idols are legendary, wondrous items that are each tethered to a school of magic. While attuned to an idol, you gain full access to that school’s spell list as well as 10 charges per day that can be used as spell slots for that school of magic (one charge equals one level of a spell).


The Idol of Beanie Beary is the 9th, and most powerful, Beanie Idol. When combined with the other 8 idols, an hour-long ritual can be performed to absorb all their power. If successful, the ritual destroys all the idols and bestows their power to the caster. This power includes knowing every spell from every school of magic and 80 charges of spell slots.


The 8 Beanie Idols are kept in secret temples safeguarded by magic. The idols and their respective schools of magic are as follows: Lobster – Abjuration, Dog – Conjuration, Whale – Divination, Bull – Enchantment, Frog – Evocation, Moose – Illusion, Duck – Necromancy, Platypus – Transmutation.


The power of these artifacts is so extraordinary that common folk sometimes perceive ordinary bean-filled toys to be of immense value, and many have gone mad collecting them.

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