Lamp of Lemmings

Wondrous Item – Very Rare

As an action, you can rub the Lamp of Lemmings and conjure forth a Spectral Lemming within 30 feet of you. It’s a mindless, but surprisingly capable creature that only exists to instantly complete a simple task, then disappear. The lamp contains 100 Spectral Lemmings and breaks when all the lemmings have been called forth. While they can’t communicate, they can understand and will perform a task to the best of their ability. Lemmings have an AC of 10, a single hit point, and they cannot attack other than their “explode” function. The following tasks can be completed as a single action (and may remain longer if specified):

Ladder – Build a 15 foot ladder that remains for 24 hours.

Excavate – Dig or mine a 5x5x5 foot hole.

Sign – Stand in place with a sign of your design for 24 hours.

Parachute – Open a parachute that holds up to 200 pounds and remains for 10 minutes.

Explode – Spontaneously combusts, dealing 1d6 fire damage to creatures within 5 feet.

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