Microphone of The Host

Wondrous Item – Rare


A relic of Kebert Xela whose quick wit made them the most sought after host in the Multiverse. This microphone allows the user to double their speaking volume and command the attention of those around them. While making psychic attacks that deal damage based on volume, the user can add an additional 1d6 thunder damage. Additionally, once per day the Microphone of The Host can do any one of the following:


Single Jeopardy

The holder of the Microphone of The Host describes what they’re looking for, such as “The location of the treasure” then holds the microphone up to another susceptible creature’s mouth. The creature must succeed on Wisdom saving throw of 15 or provide an explanation to the best of their ability, AND they must precede it with “What is…” or take 1d4 psychic damage.


Survey Says

After a creature makes a statement, the holder yells “Survey says?” and makes an insight check at advantage. If the creature is determined to be knowingly lying, a large red “X” appears above their head for the next six seconds.


Buy A Vowel

Should a susceptible creature withhold a name or proper noun and fail a Wisdom saving throw of 15, the holder of this device can discover it through guessing letters. The user can continue to guess letters until they guess one wrong or there are no more letters to guess, at which point the enchantment ends. On a successful first guess, the creature will draw the number of characters in the word(s) to the best of their ability.

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