Oven of Easy Baking

Wondrous Item – Uncommon


“Wow! Just like Grandma Scaldris, The Volcanic Fury, Champion of The Burning Throne, Heir to The Sizzling Underworld used to make! It’s never been easier to have your cake and eat it too!”


A brightly-colored miniature oven that appears to be a 1-foot cube, but inside there’s 25 cubic feet of malleable oven space. The oven is operated by the finest elemental chefs in the Plane of Fire who will cook anything inserted to your exact instruction. The mouth of the oven widens up to five feet in diameter and the outside temperature never reaches above warm. For legal reasons, there’s an emergency release on the inside. Also, it must be stated that the Oven of Easy Baking is not a cremation furnace…but if you must, it takes 12 hours.

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