Pack of Wraith Busting

Wondrous Item – Rare


Who ya gonna Message? Wraith Busters! With the handy Pack of Wraith Busting, ghosts and other undead will meet their maker…again. Once per long rest you can cast either Faerie Fire or See Invisibility. Additionally, once per long rest you can cast Hunter’s Mark against an undead creature.

The Hunter’s Mark forms a bright beam of pulsating energy between you and the creature. While active, every friendly creature of your choosing benefits from the effects of the spell, however you must use a bonus action every turn to keep the beam active. Do not under any circumstances apply two of these marks to the same creature. If this happens, there’s a 50/50 chance both Packs of Wraith Busting explode as if they were 9th level Fireball spells or each operator gains True Seeing for one hour. Creatures killed while marked explode, sending slime in every direction.

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