Person of Inflatable Tubes

Wondrous Item – Rare


Packed up to the size of a briefcase, the Person of Inflatable Tubes is perfect when you need a humanoid shape fast! Need to save a space in line? Easy! Want to distract some enemies? Absolutely! Want to forget your wife left you and believe you’re having dinner with a real person instead of eating leftovers, alone, for the fifth night in a row? Sure!


The Person of Inflatable Tubes inflates on their own when you mutter the programmable code word or short phrase within 60 feet of it. Instantly, the pile of tubes and cloth takes on the shape of a human, who just so happens to be waving their arms to get attention. Those who notice must make a wisdom saving throw of 15 or believe the Person of Inflatable Tubes is a real person, at least until they get a closer look.


The Person of Inflatable Tubes has an armor class of 13 due to its waviness, as well as five hit points. When it’s damaged, it takes one hour per hit point lost to repair itself. When reduced to zero hit points, it must be restored to full before its next use.

And what’s great about the Tube Thing Whatever is that it never leaves you two days before your birthdHey Magnathar, we really need to talk about your quality of enchantments lately…are you using one of those re you using speech-to-text crystals? Wait, is this one wearing your ex-wife’s perfume? Have you been drinking?!

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