Pick of Air Guitaring

Wondrous Item – Rare (may require attunement)


Picking up this surprisingly heavy pick, you hear a soft voice in your head: “Play…Freebird…” As you go to strum, an invisible guitar or lute appears in your hands. It functions as a normal instrument, but can’t be seen and disappears once you’re done playing. Once per day, you can cast Enthrall with this radical axe.


If you’re a Bard, you may attune to this item to add +1 to your spell attack and spell save DC. While attuned, you can change the guitar into a different instrument at will, as long as there’s a separate piece required to play it (such as drumsticks or a violin bow). When the instrument is changed, the pick is reforged and renamed to fit the new creation, such as the Mallets of Air Marimbaing, the Loops of Miniature Finger Cymbaling, or the Hammer of Air Gonging.

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