Pizza of Eternal Heat

Wondrous Item – Rare


A familiar and enticing smell wafts from this cardboard box. As the lid opens you are overtaken by the savory scents of soft bread, garlic’d marinara, and steaming cheese. You cannot resist. At the moment a slice touches your mouth, you feel an intense burning for this is no ordinary snack, but the hottest and most delicious enchanted item in the multiverse: the Pizza of Eternal Heat.


When any creature sees the Pizza of Eternal Heat, they must succeed on a wisdom saving throw of 15 or be compelled to use their action that turn to take a bite of pizza. In doing so, they take 1d4 heat damage as the pizza burns their mouth. Saving throws must be made at the top of every turn, and every bite lowers the saving throw by one. On a successful saving throw, a creature cannot be compelled to eat the Pizza of Eternal Heat for another hour, unless they’re really hungry.


The Pizza of Eternal Heat has eight slices, and each slice has ten bites. When the box remains closed for a full day, it regains 1d4 bites. Additionally, those who take a bite of the Pizza of Eternal Heat gain resistance to cold damage for the next ten minutes. The Pizza of Eternal Heat is destroyed when all bites of all slices have been eaten. Other than the excruciating pain, the Pizza of Eternal Heat tastes delicious.

Based on this comic by Mr. Lovenstein, found here:!

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