Ring of Moods

Wondrous Item – Uncommon


Feeling blue has a whole new meaning! This Ring of Moods features a peculiar oval gem embedded in a silver band. The gem changes color to reflect the current mood of the most recent creature to touch it. If you touch a creature while wearing this ring, it will display their emotional state instead of yours. This grants the user advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks against any creature they’re currently touching. However, others may also have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks against the wearer if they are familiar with how this wondrous item works. The ring will pick the most accurate of the following colors, or show multiple colors at once if there’s no clear mood.


Calm – Dark Blue

Excited – Light Blue

Happy – Green

Anxious – Yellow

Fearful – Black

Angry – Red

Confused – Purple

Amused or In Love – Pink

Sad – White

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