Robe of Colorful Things

Wondrous Item – Very Rare


Thirteen colorful patches adorn this robe, featuring a variety of creatures and objects speckled in rainbow. While wearing the Robe of Colorful Things, patches can be detached as an action to instantly conjure forth what it represents. The creatures are multicolored fey conjurations that obey your commands. When they die, they disappear to a different plane of existence resembling a happy farm.


The patches include: a basket of five dalmatian puppies, two kittens, two dolphins, a dire wolf, a seal, a polar bear, a tiger, a unicorn, a swarm of butterflies, a pixie, a carriage with two horses, an ice cream cone, and a tray of donuts (casts Heroes’ Feast). Once the last patch is removed, the Robe of Colorful Things becomes a normal, but colorful, garment.

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