Sword of ThunderTabaxis

+3 Longsword, Legendary


A longsword purrfectly crafted by followers of Felûne, the chaotic cat Goddess who definitely isn’t an anime cat girl. This weapon allows you to cast the cantrip Thunderclap, but also makes you easily fall asleep in sunbeams. While this sword is in your possession, you can speak to and understand all feline creatures.

Holding the Sword of ThunderTabaxis high above your head and uttering the sacred phrase “Here kitty kitty pspspsps” will call every cat within 1,000 feet to your aid…but y’know…they’re cats. If the situation is dire, the sword contains one use of Divine Intervention which does not require you to roll, and conjures forth thousands of Felûne’s finest spectral cats to aid you.

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