Trapper of Keeping

Wondrous Item – Rare (may require attunement)


Spell scrolls getting lost? Other wizards making fun of you? Spellbook covered in burnt flesh after you Fireball’d those same wizards? Look no further than the Trapper of Keeping! This protective binder can incorporate and absorb a wizard’s spellbook, making the contents fully protected from physical and magical effects.

The Trapper of Keeping contains an unlimited supply of parchment and ink, as well as a weightless extradimensional shelf that can hold up to 50 books. Additionally, the most recent creature to write in the book knows its location as long as they’re within 1,000 feet, working like the spell Locate Object. The owner may attune to the Trapper of Keeping to know its precise position anywhere, as long as it’s on the same plane of existence.

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