Wig of Troll Kind

Wondrous Item – Uncommon


A bright neon wig, usually found in hot pink, acidic green, or tubular turquoise. Putting on the Wig of Troll Kind instantly transforms you into a Troll…at least as close as it can get through the illusion of a Disguise Self spell. Your skin becomes green, claws extend from your fingers, and you appear a foot taller unless you’re already a large creature. The hair matches the wig and any clothes or armor you’re wearing appear on the illusory form. The spell fades when the wig is removed, and the spell is cast any time it’s put on.


With the Wig of Troll Kind you’ll be the talk of the town! Everyone will be wondering where they can get their own and if this is okay because it feels a smidgen racist since trolls don’t actually look like this…

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