I’m BJ Hypes, writer and D&D enthusiast. Here you can find digital copies of all my projects, from a Muppetborn race for 5e, to Camp Murder where you play as teenagers in a summer camp slasher film, and the coveted Deck of Silly Things which was over 1,000% funded on Kickstarter!

Like silly humor? Check out my book, The Multiverse Is Leaking!

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A d20 tabletop system compatible with D&D 5e, inspired by The Last of Us, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and many other stories of survival as the void stares. Check out The Final Walk for a free, comprehensive rule set that adapts D&D 5e to a modern, nonmagical setting, with over 40 pages of character creation, items, worldbuilding, unique mechanics, and much more.

It’s here! The Deck of Nostalgic Things: a collection of 50 silly items compatible with D&D 5th edition! All the items are based around things from the 80s/90s/2000s, designed to prey shamelessly on your nostalgia…I mean, add some wholesome levity to any tabletop game!

I designed the first stretch of these for a 90s-themed campaign, and I enjoyed it so much I wrote more and commissioned artist Bodie H to illustrate them! Please check out his profiles for some amazing art!

Get the FREE printable files here: BJHypes.com/DeckofNostalgicThings

The Multiverse Is Leaking - Now Available!

Across the Multiverse, all great obliterations stem from one single act: not doing the dishes.

This adventure serves as a guide, telling you exactly what NOT to do if you ever find yourself in a situation where the Multiverse is leaking (hey, that’s the name of the book)!

Coming From Kickstarter?

Below are quick links to download The Deck of Silly Things (Volume 01) or purchase a physical deck in case you missed it the first time!