The Infinite Quiver: 100 Magical Arrows for D&D 5e

Draw an arrow from the Infinite Quiver: A collection of magical arrows compatible with D&D 5e, created by BJ Hypes!


I’m so excited to collaborate with two amazing artists for this project: Isabel & Alexa of Path of Pixels! For more from them, check out their website.


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All my homebrew content is free, for everyone, always! Please feel free to download and use anything on my website in your games. For commercial use or inquiries, please reach out!

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Bridge Building Arrow

Rare Arrow


Crossing that bridge when you come to it has never been so easy! Upon firing this arrow, a mighty rope bridge is conjured from the point directly in front of you to where the arrow lands. The bridge is 5 feet wide and supports up to 2,000 pounds. It has an AC of 14 and 200 hit points. After 10 minutes, the bridge burns behind you.


Uncommon Arrow


For the ranger with a flare for the dramatic. Once fired, this arrow ignites in a bright colorful flash, easily visible in the sky. After reaching its peak, the arrow explodes and is viewable for miles, depending on the weather and time of day. If the flarrow instead hits a creature, it explodes dealing an extra 1d6 fire damage. If not already stated by the GM, roll a d6 to determine the color of the flarrow: (1. Red 2. Blue 3. Green 4. Purple 5. Silver 6. Gold). And remember, all’s flare in love and war.

Spell-Storing Arrow

Legendary Arrow


For the touch-and-go ranger, a spell with a range of touch and a casting time of one action can be cast into this arrow. The spell activates when the arrow hits a creature and if a saving throw is required, it uses the spell save DC of the caster at the time they cast the spell. If concentration is required, the creature that fires the arrow maintains the concentration. The spell can be any level, and if a second spell is cast into the arrow, it overwrites the first.

Stingin’ Buzzer

Uncommon Arrow


This arrow is filled with bees! Where the arrow lands, whether it hits the creature or not, a swarm of bees emerges for one minute (after which they buzz off). The swarm fills a 5-foot cube at the point of impact. Any creature that enters or starts their turn in the swarm must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take 3d4 poison damage.

Fetching Arrow

Very Rare Arrow



When you hit an object with this arrow, that object appears in your hands. You cannot target an object that is worn, carried, or held by another creature, and it must weigh under 20 pounds. The suggested AC of a standard wood object is 15, though the GM may adjust depending on the circumstance. The object sustains no damage from the arrow hitting it, and the arrow immediately disappears upon impact. If your hands are occupied, the object appears at your feet.

Heat Metal Arrow

Rare Arrow



When this arrow is embedded into a piece of metal (such as a piece of armor or a shield), the metal glows red-hot for one minute or until the arrow is removed as an action with a DC 16 Strength (Athletics) check. Any creature in physical contact with the hot metal takes 2d8 fire damage every round until the effect ends.

Faulty Arrow

Uncommon Arrow


It’s fine…it’s probably fine. When you fire this arrow, roll a d6 to determine what happens:

1. The arrow screams loudly for one minute after being fired.

2. A stream of toilet paper follows this arrow.

3. Where this arrow lands, a cluster of flowers emerge.

4. When this arrow lands, it becomes edible.

5. After hitting, the arrow explodes into glitter (and the glitter gets everywhere).

6. The arrow halts in front of the target and a small flag that says “BANG” emerges from the tip.

Slick Arrow

Rare Arrow



When you fire this arrow, a 5-foot wide and up to 50-foot long line of oil slick follows the projectile. This oil slick is considered difficult terrain, and any creature that starts their turn or moves through it must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or fall prone. If ignited, the oil slick deals 2d6 fire damage to any creature that touches it, and it burns away after 1d4+1 rounds.

The Observer

Legendary Arrow



After firing this arrow, you can use an action to Scry through the glassy bulb at the nock. While Scrying, your body is incapacitated, however you can still speak softly. You can end the Scry as a free action and re-enter it at any point within 24 hours of firing the arrow. The Scry works across the planes of existence. If the arrow is broken, the effect ends.

Piton Arrow

Uncommon Arrow


You can fire this into a nonmagical solid surface (such as wood, stone, or metal) where it transforms into a piton that sticks out one foot. The piton holds 300 pounds of weight and remains until it’s removed with a DC 18 Strength (Athletics) check.

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