Wondrous Item – Rare


Perhaps the cutest Bag of Holding, the BearBackPack has a pouch in its tummy that can hold up to 500 pounds, not exceeding a volume of 64 cubic feet. However, the mouth of the pack is only one foot in diameter. Beyond fashionable, as an action the wearer can conjure forth a giant Teddy Bear that assumes the stats of a brown bear. However, when this happens, the wearer suddenly appears completely nude.


The wearer still retains the stats, comforts, and abilities of any clothing they were wearing, but any attempt to don clothing causes it to turn invisible until the clothing is removed or the Teddy Bear is dismissed as an action. The Teddy Bear obeys all commands of the wearer. If the Teddy Bear is killed, all contents in its tummy are scattered to the astral plane. While in Backpack form, the Teddy Bear regains 1d4 hitpoints every hour.


While conjured, the Teddy Bear similarly wears a backpack in the shape of the person who conjured it forth. Red-crested breegull attachment sold separately.

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