Box of Soap

Wondrous Item – Rare


The room falls silent as you step upon the Box of Soap. Now elevated one foot higher, you command attention. You wonder, do tall people feel like this all the time? Of course they do, and it feels amazing.


The owner of the Box of Soap may climb upon it and gain the attention of every creature within 100 feet that doesn’t succeed on a charisma saving throw of 15. While on the Box of Soap, once per day the (now slightly taller) owner may make one charisma check of their choosing at advantage. In addition, they receive a +3 bonus if the topic is about politics (though who knows what penalties that topic may incur).


The box cannot be opened, lest it break and disintegrates. If this happens, every creature in the 100-foot radius must succeed on a charisma saving throw of 15 or be compelled to yell “What’s in the box?!” over and over until they succeed on the saving throw.


If you swear while on the Box of Soap, your mouth becomes filled with bitter suds.

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