Cane of Candy

Wondrous Item – Rare


In the Peppermint Forest on Candy Mountain, all the townsfolk gathered to sing their whimsical holiday songs…when the dormant volcano below decided this was an ideal moment to erupt. Everyone burned to death in a river of Chocolate Lava, an event that was equal parts delicious and devastating. Luckily, historians found one surviving peppermint tree…which they promptly chopped down. And that’s where the Cane of Candy comes from! The wielder of this walking staff may perform any one of the following actions, once per day:


Gingerbread Construction

Touching the cane to a wall, floor, or ceiling, you transfigure a five foot by five foot area of building to gingerbread. Works with up to one foot of wood, six inches of stone, or one inch of metal. While this is not great for structural integrity, it makes your home appear welcoming to children.


Sugarplum Visions

Target up to four creatures within a 20 foot cube, within 40 feet of you. They must succeed on a wisdom saving throw of 15 or see visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads and have disadvantage on all attacks and ability checks that require sight. This continues until they succeed on the saving throw and they get an opportunity at the end of every turn.


Peppermint Fortification

Your skin becomes hard and minty, giving you a +2 bonus to AC for one minute. Creatures that bite or lick you during this time will most likely find you delicious.

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