Clicker of Subtitles

Wondrous Item – Rare


It’s believed this magnificent device was once used by the Gods to gaze upon different dimensions, but it fell to the plane below. This was definitely intentional and not because a God’s cat started making that hacking noise and they stood up really fast.


All the buttons except one wore off during the fall. When pushed, it makes a fun clicking noise that will certainly not get old fast! When you point this device at a creature or small group you can see or hear within 50 feet, large subtitles will appear next to the creature(s) in a language known by the user, regardless of what language is spoken. The user of the Clicker of Subtitles chooses who, within range, can see these subtitles. The subtitles last as long as you stay within range and can be used once per day.


Unfortunately, due to the complicated nature of the device, every time you want to use it you must make an intelligence check of at least 12. On a failed check, the subtitles appear in a language you don’t understand. Another party member can then help you figure out which of the one buttons to press but you must complain about how magic items are too complicated and they never used to be ‘back in the day’.

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