Clip of Annoyance

Wondrous Item – Rare


Touching this cursed clip instantly installs it in your soul. While under the influence of the Clip of Annoyance, it will appear at inopportune moments and loudly suggest terrible plans. Do not be fooled by the wide eyes and smile, behind the clip’s gaze lurks a soulless monstrosity most foul.


Most who encounter the Clip of Annoyance go insane and are found repeating the clip’s most common phrases over and over:

“It looks like you’re planning tactical combat, have you tried rushing in?”

“Yes, you should absolutely leap over that chasm…”

“I see you want to stay quiet for an ambush, CAN I HELP WITH THAT?”


When the clip appears, you must succeed on an intelligence saving throw of 5 or feel compelled to trust it. Following the clip’s advice willingly (not via failed saving throw) will rid you of the curse. The Clip of Annoyance will then materialize in your hand and curse the next being who touches it.


While it’s possible to attack the Clip of Annoyance in its materialized form, doing so brings forth its true demon form, a creature of immense power and bloodlust. Many historians agree that tarrasques originated from the Clip of Annoyance, but this has not yet been proven.

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