Coming soon, the Deck of Nostalgic Things: a collection of 50 silly items compatible with D&D 5th edition! All the items are based around things from the 80s/90s/2000s, designed to prey shamelessly on your nostalgia…I mean, add some wholesome levity to any tabletop game!

I designed the first stretch of these for a 90s-themed campaign, and I enjoyed it so much I wrote more and commissioned artist Bodie H to illustrate them! Please check out his profiles for some amazing art!

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Supreme Soaker

Supreme Soaker Wondrous Item – Rare   Feel the pressure as this tubular blaster shoots jets of water up to 60 feet away! The Supreme

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Oven of Easy Baking

Oven of Easy Baking Wondrous Item – Uncommon   “Wow! Just like Grandma Scaldris, The Volcanic Fury, Champion of The Burning Throne, Heir to The

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Lamp of Lava

Lamp of Lava Wondrous Item – Very Rare We know what you’re thinking, but don’t drink it! The Lamp of Lava casts bright light in

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Ring of Moods

Ring of Moods Wondrous Item – Uncommon   Feeling blue has a whole new meaning! This Ring of Moods features a peculiar oval gem embedded

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