Globe of Snowing

Wondrous Item – Legendary


A relic passed down from Follicus, Lord of Clouds and Mild-To-Severe Dandruff, the Globe of Snowing may be shaken once per day to simulate a harmless snowfall in a 120-foot diameter circle that the user can see within 200 feet. The “snow”, which for legal reasons must be in quotation marks, falls for one hour and piles into soft peaks of a warm, flaky substance that reaches 1d4 feet tall.


The fluffy “snow” cannot harm creatures, however it may create difficult terrain in the specified area. When the hour is up, the “snow” disappears. If the “snow” appears yellow, please do not eat it.


Legendary Action – Shatter The Globe

The holder of the Globe of Snowing may shatter it, rendering it useless, but in the process they release a snowstorm that surrounds the point of impact for one mile. Over the next 24 hours, 3d4 feet of heavy, dense snow will fall in the specified area. During this time, the weather becomes cold enough to not melt the snow, however the temperature and weather conditions return to normal when the 24 hours is up.

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