Googly Eyes of Sentience

Wondrous Item – Legendary


If these walls could talk…perhaps they could point you to a secret entrance! You stick the Googly Eyes of Sentience onto a brick of the castle wall, but alas, a mouth doesn’t appear as you thought it would. Wait…these aren’t bricks…they’re a solid piece. “HELLO!” A voice booms, as the drawbridge flaps open and closed. So much for a stealth mission.


When you apply the Googly Eyes of Sentience to any inanimate object or creation, it gains the capacity to feel, perceive, and experience subjectively. The creation survives, and perhaps thrives, until both googly eyes are removed or their body is destroyed. While some creations have the ability to move, most do not. A mouth forms naturally and all creations speak one language of their creator’s choosing.


While a creation’s attitude is not set in stone (unless they’re a boulder), the item may impact the personality. For instance, a lemon may have a sour disposition, a sofa can be quite relaxed, and a compass has a strong sense of direction.

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