Nose of The Clown

Wondrous Item – Rare


Clowns. Once thought to be entertainers, but everything changed when they were revealed as servants of darkness that draw power from the laughter of others. This Nose of The Clown was harvested from Fuzzywumbles The Magnificent Tumbler AKA Todd, Butcher of Orphans. Should you examine the Nose of The Clown, it immediately leeches onto your face! A chaotic frequency vibrates through your body and you gain +1 Dexterity while wearing the Nose of The Clown as well as +1 intimidation.


Once the Nose of The Clown roots onto your face, a flower blooms on your lapel. As a bonus action, you can honk your nose and the flower will spray liquid at a creature within five feet. When you do this, roll a d6 to determine which of the following sprays out:

1. Fizzy Water.

2. Whiskey.

3. Unknown Blood.

4. Oil.

5. Colorful Ink.

6. Acid.


The first three times you use this item, you notice no effect…but with every additional use, the nose deepens its hold and paint seeps across your face. To remove the Nose of The Clown, you must succeed on a contested wisdom check on which the nose gains +1 for every time it was used, +1 for every day it’s worn, and +1 for every failed removal attempt. Once it becomes impossible to remove, the Nose of The Clown possesses the wearer and tries to kill those nearby with demonic clown energy. Honk!


Once the host is knocked unconscious, the Nose of The Clown may be carefully removed and destroyed. The person who destroys the clown nose receives a permanent +1 dexterity bonus. Honk!

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