Saber of Light

Wondrous Item – Rare


“Take this, it’s a powerful weapon of heroes…”


“…But you must be very careful, for many—”


“…Accidentally cut off their own limbs…”


Appearing as a baton or broken hilt, a telescopic blade emerges when the user utters a command word as described below. While this functions as a standard longsword, the blade glows with a colored light that creates bright light for 10 feet, and dim light for an additional 10 feet.


Additionally, the Saber of Light is imbued with powerful energy that zaps any target it hits with an additional 1d6 lightning damage. However, in order for this feature to activate, the wielder must make fitting sound effects. Some examples known to trigger this effect include: tsshww, bvruuum, kwishuuu, schvrmrmmm, bhwzzz, and kkssshhhh. On a critical hit, dismemberment may occur at the discretion of the Game Master.


Many people who purchase this item insist it should deal force damage instead of lightning. It does not. Please stop asking. It also definitely does not violate any copyright laws and the creator should not be sued.

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