Slippers of Hopping

Wondrous Item – Rare


Fluffy and warm, these slippers add 10 feet to the base jump distance of the wearer, even from a standing position. Additionally, they grant the user +1 to all acrobatics checks.


Good Hare Day

Once per day, the wearer of the Slippers of Hopping may boop the noses of their footwear as a bonus action. When this happens, the wearer casts Jump upon themselves, tripling their jump distance for one minute. For the duration, long rabbit-like ears sprout from the head of the wearer, though the ears may be slicked back if the wearer has a receding hareline. Additionally, every jump is accompanied by a loud “BOING”!


Unfortunately, while wearing the Slippers of Hopping, the user is compelled to do the embarrassing action that bunnies are known for…twitch their nose.

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