The Missile Toe

Wondrous Item – Rare


Hello, adventurers. Look at those ogres, now back to me, now back at the ogres, now back to me. Sadly, ogres are tough, but you’re clever. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re stealthing closer to their campsite. What’s in your shoe? It’s a missile. Look again, it’s exploding over the ogres. They kiss as you sneak by. Love wins. You’re on a horse.


While The Missile Toe is attached to your largest phalange or boot, as a bonus action you can launch it up to 40 feet. There, it detonates and sends shimmering green sparks over the head of the specified target, creating a blast radius of ten feet. All susceptible creatures in the target area must succeed on a wisdom saving throw of 15 or be compelled to use their next action to kiss the closest creature.


The Missile Toe has one use, but reloads after a long rest. Not advisable for office holiday parties…HR is busy enough as it is.

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