Trilby of Resplendency

Wondrous Item – Rare


The wearer of this dashing and stylish trilby can do one of the following actions once per day:


The Tip

+5 to persuasion checks while attempting to seduce. To activate, tip the Trilby of Resplendency and say “M’lady”, regardless of their perceived gender.


Lord of Edges

+3 to intimidation checks, or +5 if you are also wearing all black. To activate, chuckle at your opponent and say “Nothing personnel, kid”, regardless of their perceived age.


Katanas Are Underpowered

You summon a spiritual weapon in the form of a katana. It lasts for a single attack and deals 1d8 + Charisma modifier damage on a hit. To activate, face your opponent and say, “While you were (insert their last action), I studied the blade.”


After activating any of the above skills, half an inch of hair sprouts from your neck.

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